A letter from your child self

I know who you are.

When you’re feeling sad, I want you to think of me.

I am here to remind you, that you are a god dam warrior whose soul decided to have this human experience here on earth.

You have these human layers to make it possible for you;

To play, to laugh, to love unapologetically, to feel happy, to feel sad, to cry, to become broken, to put yourself back together, and then feel broken again.

I am here to remind you how you were born as a beautiful untouched soul, pure. And I am also here to remind you, you are pure, still.

But now, you have discovered these layers, layers of chaos. Intertwining beneath the depths of your soul, as deep as your sadness guiding you to uncover your light.

You were born with light, and as you got older, the light began to fade.

The playing, stopped.

The loving unapologetically, stopped.

The light dimmed, the little voice that says keep going, dimmed. The darkness begins to hover, like a cloud, and on some days, feels more like a hurricane. A rushing storm of thunder and lightning.

 I am here to remind you, its okay.

The storms never last, after a storm, the sun will rise. Always.

And the sun will set, the moon will guide you in the dark nights.

Ultimately, I am here to remind you, I have never left.

I am a part of you, always. This beautiful untouched pure soul is still there and is asking to be found.

I am here, to guide you back to your light.

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