“Alternatively, when you’re struggling, you may be afraid to embrace your sensitivity and vulnerability. What you feel could be so overwhelmingly painful that you shut down and hide your softer side, or detach from what is happening. “

“Or you could feel everything to the extreme and lose your boundaries, becoming a martyr and suffering for the world. Yet you might feel forgotten – like it is hard for you to find redemption despite giving to no end. You understand sadness and pain on a profound level.”

“I feel the energy of myself and others”

The beauty of being an Empath.

You are a sensitive being; a being of light cultivating an innocence of humility and vulnerability deep beneath the layers of skin.

On the surface; a strong, caring and grounded human, seen as a guiding light for healing, comfort and support.

Oh the irony, I feel the world at my feet, I also feel the persons energy next to me, and the person behind me, as well as the person in front of me. I am a beautiful bright magnetic yellow sponge.

Come near me, I will put my feet in your shoes and wear them around. For I feel everything you are.

You laugh, I laugh.

You cry, I cry.

I can not help myself.

For I am a magnetic yellow sponge, attracted to the light; however, swallowing the darkness.

Follow me, and I will help you befriend your darkness, and empower the light of purity you are.

Yours truly,

A sensitive one.

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