Connection or Addiction?

I don’t normally watch TV, as I find it makes me feel ungrounded and hurts my brain. Although, I watched a bit of a documentary known as the “minimalism”. The documentary discusses the notion that living simply with little attachment to material objects will ultimately make you feel more at one with yourself, giving you a sense lightness, clarity and simplification.

The documentary resonated with me on numerous levels, and the more I go further down this spiritual path of awareness, the more I wake up to the truth. The truth in society associating with social media, conformity, religions, races, and education.

I myself am actually studying Secondary Education specialising in Health & Physical Education. And what a shock I came to realise on my first practical placement in a schooling system through having my eyes wide open to the truth; it felt as though the curtains had been opened wide and my eyes stung.

Humans are placed here on earth to live simply, learn, evolve, play, sing, dance, and connect.

I read a quote the other day that the opposite of connection is actually addiction. In a society that fuels the world with advertisements, photo shopped images and technology. We are always on the hunt, on the search, on the go for the next best thing. We buy an iPhone, then a new version comes out and we automatically feel the need to upgrade; because why? Because we are told it’s better, the one we have no isn’t good enough, and that it will ultimately make us happier. Then 2 months later, we realise nothing has changed and we still feel the same empty void.. and so we buy the next model up. The same applies with make up, cosmetic surgery, losing weight, buying a house or car, and the list goes on.

“Nothing is ever good enough, and the grass is always greener”. “We want what we can’t have.” It is a vicious cycle. “It’s normal though, everyone does it, it’s life?”

The “system” which I very much first handedly experienced on my practical placement for teaching.

We are told to go to school, why?

To get educated, so we can get a good high paying job when we are older which will have us set up for life, and then we will be happy.

Primary school – children are constantly told what to do, they must ask to use the bathroom, they have lunch at the same time daily, they must be tested, they must play sport during PE class because we say they have to. We ultimately go to primary school, so we can prepare ourselves for high school.

We learn to constantly compare ourselves, through appearance, grades, friend groups, flaws and talents.

High school – we are still constantly told what to do and still need to ask to use the bathroom. Most students don’t like school, they don’t like learning. Why? Because the system tries to make them feel “inadequate” and “dumb”. If you fail a test in school, you are labeled as “dumb” and “need to try harder”. The system tries to use a curriculum that potentially fits all these unique souls into one category, and if you don’t fit in that easily – you are an outcast.

The society, especially the educative system lives by a clock to guide them on what do when and where.

In my practical placement, I had children telling me they think they are “dumb” “not good enough” and “fat” and so on. Most teenagers in today’s society, haven’t even had the chance to find out their passions, their drive, face their fears and heal as they are distracted by being constantly graded ultimately resulting in a stress and anxious world with the increasing rate of suicide. There is so much pressure, that is complicating the life of many innocent souls – that are nothing but a sponge absorbing everything from their environment.

And then high school is finished – humans are then having what they call a “quarter life crisis’” asking themselves “what happens now?” , “who am I?” , “What makes me happy?” and “Why do I feel this big empty void?”

Adults from a different generation then argue that they are wrapped in cotton wool and are not prepared for their “future” from which they were meant to be prepared in school. “Prepared to work for the rest of their lives without questioning it”.

In today’s society, humans are coming through more evolved than ever and we are waking up, all realising that we weren’t put on this earth just to work, reproduce and die.

Put simply, I believe we are here to find what lights our souls on fire.

We are here to presently experience all that we are, the human sensation of all the numerous emotions we are able to feel.

We are here to heal ourselves, and heal each other. To connect to nature and with each other on a pure level of peace and joy.

We are here to live fearlessly, in a world where materialism is not normal, a world where race is the human race, where we are all part of the one higher source of the Divine.

Where we realise GOD (divine) is within ourselves, it is everywhere, in the ocean, in the trees, in the wind, in the eyes of another soul.

We are all connected as one, and all deserve to experience this Truth.

Big Love,


One thought on “Connection or Addiction?

  1. Dr. Bilson here, I have studied your writings closely using my stethoscope metaphorically and have after careful consideration come to the conclusion that I approve of your message! I feel it is imperative and important you use your wisdom to bring joy to the world. I am told It would also be helpful if the students could be fed adequate nutrition (e.g. cooked potatoes with gravy, ham and cheese) and also to get the appropriate nutritional supplements they need together with the meals in school. I would prescribe a strong calcium and magnesium supplement with added boron for starters. It would surely relax the students and make them calm and content despite being in a far from ideal system.


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