Suffering.. This is a feeling that has become strongly familiar to me over the past 8 weeks. The word Suffering, has been drowning my thoughts almost every day – to what extent do we define suffering? Do we define the notion of suffering by the duration, extent of pain, or description for the matter of something we can no longer handle?

One harsh reality I have learnt, is no one will ever know your suffering or how much pain you are truly in. I often ask myself, is that what makes suffering unbearable; or, is that what can make this absolute painful feeling unexpectedly beautiful?

The verb “Suffering” is described as “to feel pain”. I suppose in a sense we can say that all humans feel pain, thus; can life be a conclusion of an intertwined vine of suffering?

The question I ask is, maybe we can not control the notion to suffer; for being in pain is the magic of being human. However, maybe we can change our perspective on suffering and view it as a beautiful hard ass teacher.

Perhaps we should see suffering as a door opening towards the depths of our unknown parts within the layers we are wrapped in. An opportunity to peel through and open up the layers from which we hide from our own self.

Within the opening of many layers, we find the pieces to parts of ourselves we didn’t even know existed.

And in that very moment, I look up to the sky, smile and say “thank you”.

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